Customer Care

Talk to our customer care associates for help at every step of the way during your kitchen remodel! 

Our call center is open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm EST.

Phone: 1-(800)-222-4638


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  1. 1) Do the cabinets come assembled? Assembly is required. Cabinets arrive properly boxed ready to assemble (RTA). Assembly is easy as we include detailed instructions in addition to posting online videos from our website to demonstrate how simple they are to assemble. 

  2. 2) How long will it take for my order to arrive? Orders ship from our main warehouse in Tennessee. Timing can vary based on when the orders are placed. Stores have set delivery dates and for this reason it can be 2 weeks or more depending on when your orders entered into the system. 

  3. 3) How do I receive a replacement piece for a damaged cabinet? While we take great care packaging product, shipping damage can happen. Contact Customer Care and we'll help replace the item, or damaged part. A photo may be required to show the extent of the damage in more extreme cases. 

  4. 4) Do you install product? We provide full-service installation to include a nominal fee for measuring that's refunded when you purchase cabinets. The in-store 3D design is at no cost, but if you need Cabinets To Go to take measurements for you, there is a nominal charge. Installation costs vary depending on the scope of the project.