3/4" x 8" Talon 100 Yr PreFin Engineered Natural WB Zurich Coco Northern Red Oak Matte Hardwood

$8.19 $4.99 / sq. ft.

Northern Red Oak has been America's favorite option for hardwood flooring for centuries. It is known for it's warm reddish tone and distinctive wavy grain. It typically has fewer knots than White Oak; but like it's Oak counterpart, it can make a room feel cozy or stately depending on the stain. These Talon planks are natural grade and perfectly balance elegance and character. The near-black, matte Zurich Coco finish specifically designed by Sherwin-Williams includes 8 coats of aluminum oxide and makes a bold statement. The wire-brushed texture provides a weathered look that accentuates the grain. Planks are 3/4" thick and 8" wide for an extra open and airy room. A 100-year warranty is included. Ready-to-install matching molding is also available. All Talon pre-finished engineered hardwood is proudly made in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Talon Northern Red Oak harvesting is FSC-certified for environmental sustainability. Talon floors have zero added formaldehyde. In independent, third-party testing, Talon was also ranked #1 in scratch resistance and found to be four times more durable than other leading brands.


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