Simple Drain Single

Simple Drain is the fastest, easiest P-trap you’ll ever install, and its self-plunge mechanism eliminates future clogs without any hassles or leaks!

For installation, tools are not required – just scissors to cut the hose to the desired length. The product screws into a water-tight fitting for the waste-water wall connection and uses a clamp with thumb screw to connect to the tail pipe coming from the drain. The P-trap is easily formed with a loop that slides on the rubber hose.

  • Sealing material: Rubber gasket
  • Required Tools: Scissors
  • Installs in under 5 mins
  • One size fits all single sink basins
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Self plunging
  • P and S trap included in the same kit
  • Impact resistant with fewer leak points than PVC and plastic
  • ADA compliant
  • Drains 7 gallons per minute
Simple Drain Single

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