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How to Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

A kitchen remodel is a large undertaking, but it’s worth the cost and effort in the end. The reason: 80% of homebuyers are putting priority on the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is one of the most versatile and used rooms for homeowners, so it needs to be close to perfect as possible. In an effort to ease the remodel process, we created this guide to help make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

Steps to starting your dream kitchen remodel

The first and possibly the most important part of a kitchen remodel is planning. The remodel will only go as well as your remodel plan. If you don’t take time at this stage to figure out the specifications of your dream kitchen remodel, the lack of organization can cause serious headaches down the road. But even the planning stage can be challenging if you’ve never remodeled before. Follow our Steps to a Kitchen Remodel guide to properly tackle your kitchen remodel plan.

Our Tips & Tricks to Help You Achieve Your Dream Kitchen

Don’t Overspend

Depending on what is the most important for your kitchen remodel, you can cut costs in so many ways. From going with cabinets from Cabinets To Go to choosing to refinish appliances instead of purchasing new ones, decide what is most vital to your kitchen and put in some time researching the best prices and options for your needs.

Choose a Timeless Color

Whether you’re selling your home or planning to stay for the long haul, a timeless color for your new kitchen’s base color palette can simplify the process. A versatile color will also continue to suit your home as your taste in decor changes over time. The selection at Cabinets To Go has been curated to offer classic and versatile colors that will suit any decor.

Consider Trends

Do your research. Explore and figure out what makes a kitchen your dream kitchen but be careful, kitchen design trends can be fads, and die out quickly. Avoid dated taste to maintain long term appeal. Also remember that your kitchen should suit the rest of your home.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

According to a Houzz study conducted in 2019, 70% of kitchen remodels include flooring. Before renovation, find flooring that not only matches your overall design direction, but also think about what suits your lifestyle. Do you need waterproof or scratch-resistance? Is style going to be important? Cabinets To Go has a wide variety of flooring options that can meet all these needs and more.


As the most important surface in your kitchen, consider countertops carefully. We recommend starting by thinking about the material they are made of. What countertop materials and styles are best for your life? Maybe you have your eye on a shimmering quartz countertop, but don’t have room in the budget. At Cabinets To Go, we’ve made sure to carry a wide variety of countertop options that will be beautiful no matter your budget.

Don't Move the Plumbing

Unless you absolutely have to. Moving plumbing around can be a huge hassle with costly ramifications if there’s more work than anticipated.

Don't Skimp on the Accessories

The design really is in the details, so try not to cut any costs on finishing touches like faucets, sinks, knobs and pulls, organizers, backsplash etc.

Prepare for Installation

Don’t plan an entire kitchen overhaul, and then not be prepared for the installation. At least one week before the renovation gets underway, begin to clean up the area and store everything in a place that you can still access but is out of the way of the installation team. At Cabinets To Go, our fully-licensed authorized installers always make sure to provide an installation date weeks ahead of time, so you have ample time to prepare. Plus, they’ll work with your schedule to make sure you’re not stuck with a demoed unusable kitchen.

How Cabinets To Go Can Make Your Dream Kitchen Achievable

Our Expert Personal Designers

  • Vast Experience
  • Each of our designers handle hundreds of kitchen remodels a year, offering optimal plans for any style of kitchen our customers can dream up. From modern kitchens in small spaces to old world stylings in larger kitchens, our designers can assist in crafting the exact kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. They’ve also come across many hiccups and can help find solutions to any that may arise during your remodel.

  • Help Sort out the Specifics
  • We want to help with every aspect of your kitchen remodel, from anticipating any unforeseen design hang-ups to physically measuring the space to suggesting the best finishes and fixtures for your aesthetic. No detail is too small.

  • In-Person, On-Site, and Flexible
  • Our expert designers are available to offer a one-of-a-kind design consultation from the comfort of your own home. In our live, one-on-one video consultations, the Expert Designer from your local Cabinets To Go location will walk you through your remodel, and then create a completely free 3D rendering of your new kitchen. After finishing your free consultation, you can keep shopping online or head to your local Cabinets To Go to meet your designer and experience our many offerings for yourself.

  • Our Designers Are Totally Free!
  • Couple that with our completely free design consultations, and it’s clear that with Cabinets To Go, you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck. If you have a vision for your dream kitchen in mind, we’re ready to help you bring that dream to life!

Readily Available Samples

Want to see the products in your home? Do you live a little too far to make more than one trip to your local showroom? Order a sample – or six! Our convenient sample packages come right to your door and include a catalog and other materials to help make your kitchen design process even easier. Samples come in packages up to six, so you can get a feel for various cabinet types and flooring, in order to help find the ideal style for your dream kitchen.

Showrooms Nationwide

Are you the type of person who likes to put their hands on things before buying? You’re in luck. All of our cabinets, countertops, and various kitchen necessities can be tested first-hand in our showrooms, which are conveniently located nationwide and in a city near you. Open and close as many cabinets drawers and doors as you like and try out the soft-close feature for yourself! Feel the polished countertops first-hand! Our customers can examine countertop, flooring, and hardware samples, so they can actually see in person how the components of their kitchen will look together. For example, grab a butcher block slab, that matte black pull, and a hickory floorboard and carry them to the cabinet to see it all as it would look in real life.


If you’re working within a smaller budget without much wiggle room, our wide selection of cabinets, countertops, flooring, and accessories are available in a variety of popular styles at a fraction of the price. We believe you should never sacrifice quality for price.

Ready to kickstart your dream kitchen renovation? There are many options to start your process below. Not sure where to start?