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Your purchase at Cabinets To Go will go a long way to help Hurricane Mathew victims in Haiti. For every kitchen sold or delivered through the end of October 2016, Cabinets To Go will donate $200 to Global Empowerment Mission, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, specializing in aid relief efforts around the world. For every $21,000 we raise, we can send 30 tons of food and water – 1 container with 12 tons of rice , 12 tons of water, 5 tons of beans and 1 tons of cooking oil.


Hurricane Matthew | 2016 (As described by Global Empowerment Mission)

Hurricane matthew is described by mourad wahba (united nations official in haiti) as “the largest humanitarian event” in the country of 11 million since the devastating earthquake six years ago, with thousands scrambling for shelter. Haiti’s civil protection agency said a bridge collapse severed the main highway connecting the south with port-au-prince.

Global Empowerment Mission was on the first flight out of Miami into the dominican republic to get around the storm after all flights were cancelled into port-au-prince. We are grateful to have all of our families in a sound hotel and kept safe during this storm although the majority of haitians on the south coast did not have this ability.

We were the first and only responders to some of these remote villages outside of jeremie. There it’s not 1 out of 3 homes destroyed but 3 out of 3 homes destroyed. Many homes had so much debris in them that we would have no way of knowing how many dead people were trapped under the fallen roofs etc. Les anglais and dame-marie are the most of the catastrophic destruction is but getting there is impossible. The roads are knee to waist high deep muddy swamps at every corner.

You will see by these pictures, how just any aide or supplies can make an entire village rejoice. You will also notice how people would run to our truck begging for just anything to eat.

Monetary donations to the proper trusted and proven haiti expert specific ngo’s is going to be the quickest way of supporting this in the immediate. (be sure to see their financials to verify that no money is wasted on overhead and unnecessary expenses, people got burned once, never again.)

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